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Great athletic fields look better and last longer with great turf. Lay turf for a vibrant field that combines the best properties of natural grass with those of a durable synthetic system, including all weather playability, low maintenance, safety and high performance.

SofStep50® High-Performance Synthetic Turf

Colleges, universities, professional sports teams and military bases across the nation use SofStep50 synthetic turf for safe and beautiful, high-performance fields at their facilities. SofStep50 is extremely durable, requiring only periodic maintenance. Best of all, it looks and feels like real grass — only without the high water costs associated with maintaining grass athletic fields.

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When to Consider Installing A Turf Field?

If your current facility is:

  • Regularly unplayable due to wet, muddy and uneven conditions
  • Adding to your expenses due to constant repairs and maintenance
  • Limiting your ability to recruit students looking for enhanced facilities

Precise Within ¼” Tolerance

Without proper grading, the safety, functionality and durability of your track can be severely compromised. The TopCon Laser System we use provides precise and accurate surveying of your construction site, within ¼” or less tolerance, for near perfect grading, drainage, asphalt paving and synthetic surfacing — maximizing the performance, longevity, and safety of your new running track surface.

Our Turf Supplier Is:

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