High-Performance Synthetic Turf Fields

Great athletic fields look better and last longer with great turf. Lay turf for a vibrant field that combines the best properties of natural grass with those of a durable synthetic system, including all weather playability, low maintenance, safety and high performance.

If your current facility is:

  • Regularly unplayable due to wet, muddy and uneven conditions
  • Adding to your expenses due to constant repairs and maintenance
  • Limiting your ability to recruit students looking for enhanced facilities

It may be time to upgrade!

Quality by Design

SofStep50® High-Performance Synthetic Turf

Colleges, universities, professional sports teams and military bases across the nation use SofStep50 synthetic turf for safe and beautiful, high-performance fields at their facilities. SofStep50 is extremely durable, requiring only periodic maintenance. Best of all, it looks and feels like real grass — only without the high water costs associated with maintaining grass athletic fields.