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Hand-Crafted Tracks & Fields.
Highest Quality. Longest Lasting.

We are not an ordinary Running Track Company. We don’t use machines. Machine-laid tracks and fields create imperfections that can’t easily be seen, but will certainly create costly premature repairs.

We’re craftsman. Our tracks are handmade to reduce imperfections and delay costly repairs. Tuflite® tracks are the highest quality short of Olympic grade, full-poured tracks.

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Running Track Services

Running Track Repair & Resurface

Save money and extend the life of your existing track surface. Running track repair or resurfacing may be the alternative you’re looking for.

Running Track Re-Spray / Re-Stripe

Re-Spray/Re-Stripe injects liquid rubber into your existing track surface at 1,000 PSI, restoring the UV protective coating of the surface.

Looking To Design a New Track?

Quality running tracks begin with superior design. Your design should maximize the space, utility, and functionality of your site.