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Choose only the best synthetic running track for your money. In addition to a longer track life and lowered costs, you’ll also gain a minimum 1-2 points in your LEED program by installing a LEED Certified Tuflite track!

TUFLITE® Synthetic Track Surface

This is a new 1/2” thick Track Surface. Installed in two 1/4” lifts, the bottom lift is a full-depth black 1-3mm rubber layer and the top lift is full depth 1/4” EPDM 1-3mm colored rubber. The TUFLITE® Synthetic Track Surface is backed by a 5-year warranty.


This economical surface is a full-depth color 3/8” thick EPDM 1-3mm colored rubber single lift system. The TUFLITE® Base Mat is backed by a 3-year warranty. (Note: The TUFLITE® Base Mat can also become the base for a new track surface typically installed in the sixth year after initial installation, as part of your ongoing track maintenance program.)

TUFLITE® Restoration Re-Top

A 1/4” thick EPDM and 1-3 mm colored Tuflite Re-Top is added directly on top of your existing surface. The TUFLITE® Restoration Re-Top is backed by a 3-year warranty. This application completely restores a worn or damaged track surface.

TUFLITE® Leveling Course

The TUFLITE® Leveling Course adds additional rubber to restore the surface and provide a level, safe and beautiful running surface. The TUFLITE® Leveling Course is backed by a 2-year warranty.

TUFLITE® Re-Spray/Re-Stripe

TUFLITE® Re-Spray/Re-Stripe injects liquid rubber into your existing track surface at 1,000 PSI, restoring the UV protective coating of the surface and extending the lifespan of a worn track surface.


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